Healing with Nature

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 Cultures all over the world have understood and appreciated the healing that Mother Nature provides us so easily. In a busy world we have drifted away from our natural connection with the cycles and rhythms of nature.

When one becomes out of balance, dis-ease happens in our body and mind causing disease if left untreated for a long time.  Yoga and Ayurveda show us the way to live a positive and healthy life. It is so important to take care of ourselves, (to take care of our SELF) on a daily basis. This never really clicked for me until I was traveling to India, to learn about yoga, and the flight attendant suggested before our 14 hour flight  "You must put on your airmask first",

I was logically reminded why, self care isn't selfish. Otherwise you will not be able to help others without first addressing yourself, and may end up with dis-ease.

 In my short lifetime I have learned a few things. Develop a relationship with yourself and set healthy boundaries with others, make time to meditate, spend time barefoot in nature, allow yourself to experience natural temperatures, and foods. Find ways to move your body, and keep thourough personal routines. Make sure your food and your home are clean and free of toxicity. Be mindful of each possession you have, and  be intentional about your thoughts and actions. Express your emotions clearly, and find romance and intimacy in your life.

I know that is a lot, and its not easy.

Oils can help, though.

I have been using essential oils since I was in college, I started teaching yoga there and was always into incense and sage, too. When I became a massage therapist I began using them in my practice, and I started with inexpensive oil and only used them topically and never used blends.

I noticed their benefits immediately reducing anxiety and helping with sleep. I felt inspired to relearn this innate knowledge about how we can heal ourselves with plants. I bought a few basics like lavender- for relaxation, cedarwood- for sleep and deodorant, peppermint- for headaches and cooling the body. I loved them so much. 

Then the light came on. I met a friend that explained to me that there was a holistic line of oils out there and you can also ingest them (use them internally) and diffuse them! I couldn't wait to try them, and was thrilled to be able to work with therapeutic grade oils with no filler, and more potency. Once I tried, I was blown away at the difference in potent healing power and have really depended my practice and use of them, doing lots of research and enjoying the benefits and sharing with friends and family. More than likely, I have made something with oils for everything that we needed to stay well.

I guess the most amazing things I have discovered now are ditching the chemical cleaners in my house and getting Thieves cleaner, detergent and dish soap, and rose oil.

ROSE OIL is lifechanging.

 I had already seen the diffusers, but was hesitant to buy and inexpensive one in case they didn't function properly and I'm glad I waited because several friends said they did, and were dissatisfied. I LOVE my aria diffuser.

I am am newly married and I feel its important to bring the non-toxic lifestyle into our home and its important for my husband, and I to practice preventative medicine and self care to prevent illness in our lives. I want to make sure of that for us, and our future family.  

Let me help you start your journey.