Indian Scalp Massage

Indian scalp massage to reduce migraines, depression, anxiety

WSMV Nashville  |  Apr 28, 2016 3:39 PM CDT
Reported by Tracy Kornet

Self-care is one of the growing trends in wellness. Nashville native Megan Kipp learned firsthand the importance of investing in ways that enhance personal health and well-being, after she moved out of state for work, became extremely ill, and started searching for health and happiness. Kipp said she found it studying the ancient Indian science, Ayurveda. Several years ago, she brought it back to her hometown. Inside her Sylvan Park studio, the yoga instructor and massage therapist now spends her day helping others feel better.

One of the ways she does just that is an increasingly popular treatment called Indian scalp massage, an ancient Indian Ayurvedic treatment using infused oils on the head, face, neck and top of the shoulders. "We use Indian scalp massage to calm the body, nervous system, the muscles in the face, eye strain, and to calm tension in the back of the head that causes headaches or neck strain from focusing forward," Kipp explained. "Once this area gets relaxed, it provides the rest of the body to be relaxed."

The oils are later combed through the hair, which Kipp said nourishes the scalp and helps reduce stress. "It's an embalmed feeling, almost, having the oil on your head," Kipp added. Clients, like 44-year-old Shauna Bryan, said the treatment helps ward off anxiety, depression, insomnia and migraines. For three years now, the corporate wellness educator has invested in the $50 treatment once a month.

"In order to help other people be well, I must walk the walk myself," Bryan said. "With the Indian scalp massage, it really relieves tension from your head and scalp area, the neck and back area.

Bryan said she rarely gets sick and considers self-care practices as critical as eating well and exercising. "It is a big investment, but in this day and time, you need to be your own health advocate," Bryan said. "In being healthy, you have to invest time and money in yourself and getting yourself well and less stressed so that you stay healthy for life."

When asked about the medical benefits of self-care treatments, Vanderbilt neurologist Dr. Anne O'Duffy said they're important in regards to headache management, in addition to getting adequate and regular sleep hours, avoiding fasting and dehydration, and regular aerobic exercise.

For your own Indian scalp massage, Kipp recommends the following tips:

  • Use avocado oil, available online for under $15
  • Mix with shea butter to make your own body lotion
  • Pour oil generously on head and massage into scalp
  • Comb through and through for several minutes. Expect much hair to fall out.
  • Comb side to side, and forward and back
  • Braid hair and sleep with a towel on your pillow
  • hen ready to wash hair, scrub mainly around the scalp area, rinse well, repeat.

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