Plant Based Lifestyle


Want to enjoy a cleaner and safer way of being? Lakshmi offers guidance on uses and benefits of incorporating essential oils into your daily life!  We use aromatherapy to create a serene environment at Lakshmi, as well as provide relief from pain, stimulation or relaxation for our guests.  

To learn more,  join us for our free informative workshops.

Intro to Essential Oils workshop

August 4th  | Friday @ 6:30pm


Lakshmi Spa Products

At Lakshmi, we hand make our products in small batches and source out only the best ingredients. Meg has formulated her own recipes based on incorporating all she has learned from her studies in India, Sri Lanka and living abroad in Europe. During her massage therapy practice, she learned about making natural products and ayurvedic skin care at Parlour,  in Philadelphia and continues to study and promote healthy living.

Megan makes her own products she uses at home, at the studio and are now available for sale for you to enjoy.

Dream Cream                            $24

Bath Salts                                  $18

Healthy Hair Oil                       $20